Repair and Service

At Southland Equipment, we specialize in the repair and service of forklifts and other materials handling equipment. Established in 1971, we have built our reputation on superior service quality and reliable products. Our team of in-house trained mechanics, as well as a wealth of parts and repair knowledge, ensure that customers in our Columbia, SC operating area enjoy a trouble-free and cost-effective service experience.

We specialize in preventative maintenance, emergency repair, on-site support, equipment rentals, pickup, delivery, and providing long-term replacement parts, and supplies. We provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance program that typically includes 200 hour service intervals. These scheduled maintenance calls include cleaning of the equipment with compressed air, changing the filters and fluids as specified on the preventative maintenance checklist, and following a detailed inspection procedure. Any issues are reported to the customer, who may then choose whether or not to make recommended repairs.

Forklifts, stock pickers, order pickers, turret trucks, squeeze lifts, aisle lifts, and EX-rated forklifts are all covered by our comprehensive repair and maintenance services. While we do sell and rent lift equipment, we started as a service company and it remains our long-term focus. Southland Equipment is ready to start being your lifting equipment maintenance provider. Contact us today to learn more.