As an experienced provider of lifting equipment sales and service, Southland Equipment understands the challenges that come with outfitting an efficient manufacturing facility. Forklifts and other similar materials handling systems are often prohibitively expensive to purchase outright. Our leasing system allows your facility to get the lifting equipment it needs under flexible financing terms.

Leases are tailored to each customer’s financial and material handling needs. A comprehensive set of financial questions, covering the customer’s tax situation, desired monthly payment, lease term, and other options allow us to provide the best leasing contract possible. Customers who may want to keep new equipment on the floor at all times can do so with our program that allows equipment is traded out at specific intervals. We also offer leases subsidized by the manufacturer, reducing cost to the customer.

Customers who are unsure of what equipment to acquire can also take advantage of our consulting resources – we can view your facilities and recommend exactly what you need. Choosing the right equipment and leasing it through our attractive system will save you considerable cost and substantially increase productivity potential. Contact us today to learn more about our attractive offers.