Southland Equipment Service, Inc. is Pleased to Announce the New H3 Series Heli 4,000 lb. to 7,000 lb. Capacity Pneumatic Tired Diesel and LP Gas Forklifts.


The New H3 Series 4,000 lb. to 7,000 lb. capacity Pneumatic Tired Diesel and LP Gas Forklifts are built and designed to meet the most demanding applications with years of reliable service.

Incorporating a rugged, safe, and operator friendly design built to insure productivity with minimal electronics to cause problems while meeting or exceeding EPA, CARB & ANSI B56-1 standards! Click here to learn more.

Expand your operations with an InPlant modular office and take advantage of rapid depreciation!

Modular Building Systems to fit your needs – providing a clean work space, storage, factory noise control and safety barriers around hazardous equipment. The current tax laws are allowing for favorable and rapid depreciation for these modular units — a great benefit. Now is the time to plan and order to take advantage of this unique expansion opportunity in 2017. Click here to learn more.

Beat the heat with an air cooler fan!

These Portable Evaporative Coolers have large internal water reservoirs that allow units to operate approximately 8 hours without being connected to an external water source. Click here to learn more.

New Order Picking Cart Offered by Southland Equipment Makes Order Picking Faster & Safer

Eliminating need for forklifts moving single pallets, Pack Mule Order Picker Cart uses forklift Tow Pin for moving multiple carts. Enclosed cargo space enables safety of operators. Available with one, two or three shelves, unit features swing-down shelves. Having 200% more cargo space than wooden pallet, product is more safer than wooden pallets or cages. Click here to learn more.

Southland Equipment, an ATI Dealer, Is Excited To Announce the Development of a New Series Of Zero-Low Ground Level Lift Tables

The lift is powered by an electric motor with lifting action by machine or ball screw instead of hydraulics. The Benefit of eliminating hydraulics includes everything built-in. No more hydraulic oil, sweat or drips, drifting, and no more remote power pack. Click here to learn more.

Southland Equipment Service, Inc. Has Added TIRES and Tire Service!

Based on the need for a reliable and quality Tire and Tire Service, Southland Equipment Service has teamed up with Super Grip Tires, a known quality industrial tire and manufacturer, to provide our valued customers with a viable alternative to solve their tire related problems. Click here to learn more.

Southland Now offers Isuzu Engines, Parts, and Service for Tier 4!

With the advent of the EPA Tier 4 requirement Isuzu Engines has taken the lead and Southland Equipment Service, Inc., an Approved Isuzu Dealership, has invested in the tooling and training to insure customers receive quality support.Click here to learn more.

Reduce your Heat Bill this Winter with Bernair Air Doors

Southland Equipment is proud to carry Bernair Air Doors. Our air doors create an effective, environmental barrier that saves energy, increases your building efficiency and reduces your carbon footprint. Click here to learn more.

Southland Equipment Celebrates 43 Years in Business!

Southland Equipment Service, Inc. started business on October 5, 1971 as a forklift service company and has grown since then. We want to celebrate our anniversary with our customers by offering a Thank You Gift for their business.Click here to learn more.

New Product: Allied Solutions Dock Signs

Whether you are in need of simple door number signs or graphic safety or policy signs, Allied Solutions can provide you with the custom signs quickly and at a competitive price. Click here to learn more (pdf).

January 2012 Special: 30% DISCOUNT ON ALL NEW AGE PRODUCTS

Contact Southland Equipment Service, Inc. for this special discount. Click here to learn more.

Minimize Repair Cost in Facilities

Save interior building columns from abuse with the New Dixie Poly Column Protector, distributed by Southland Equipment Service. They are easy to to install, capable of withstanding a 7000 pound forklift’s impact, and a bright yellow color that provides an excellent visual alert to employees. Read more…

Southland Equipment Marks 40 Year Milestone

Southland Equipment Service, Inc. hit a milestone in the Material Handling Industry, 40 years of continuous services. Read more…

New Structural Column Pads

Southland Equipment is proud to present a New Structural Column Pad Product that Increases safety and protects personnel from workplace injury. Read more…

Safety and Handling Tips for LP Tanks

Code states that Liquid Propane Gas Tanks must be recertified 12 years from the date of their manufacture, and shorter periods of time afterwards. Read more to get Southland’s tips for saving money and keeping yourself safe around LP Tanks.

New Pallet Positioner Ensures Nearside Loading/Unloading Access

Featuring turntable top with 360° rotation and anti-friction bearings, P3(TM) (Presto Pallet Positioner) automatically maintains pallets at constant level and comfortable working height as layers of boxes are added/removed. Read more…

First-of-its-Kind Small Aircraft Tug

Southland Equipment proudly announces they will be selling, installing, and servicing the worlds first Small Aircraft Tug that offers, Combination Crane Lift Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), and Winch, four machines for the price of one. This is a first-of-its-kind tug that includes a built-in crane lift and auxiliary power unit (APU).

Upgrade Your Equipment Now and Take Advantage of Tax Benefits

Why not upgrade equipment needing replacement and let the government pay for one-third of it in lieu of paying out in taxes?  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 offers significant tax benefits and in some cases bonus depreciation.

With manufacturers inventories built up now is the time to get new low maintenance equipment instead of buying used equipment. Used equipment is a short-term solution that generally comes with higher maintenance costs. Why gamble with your company’s future? With new equipment you insure your company’s ability to move product to serve your customers’ needs.

There simply is not a better time to upgrade! Contact Southland today.

Traction Control System Solves Forklift Safety Issue

New Aftermarket Traction Control System solves Maintenance, Safety, and Tire Replacement Cost issues for companies frustrated with their operators spinning tires on their forklifts. Read more…

Diesel Powered Forklift Increases Warehouse Space With KOOI-ReachForks

Southland Equipment solution enables Harrells Fertilizer to utilize existing warehouse space and save expense of constructing a new building. Read more…